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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

What is conscious/moderate sedation?

Conscious/moderate sedation refers to a level of sedation where you are still technically awake/conscious, but are in a relaxed/sleepy state that some may refer to as “twilight” sedation. This option is ideal for patients with mild to moderate anxiety who would like greater pain and anxiety control during the procedure. You are NOT ‘knocked out’/completely asleep (aka General Anesthesia).

You may, however, fall asleep and/or become slightly dissociated with your surroundings from being in a state of relaxation. You may/may not remember the procedure afterwards as sedative medications can produce a short-lived amnestic effect.

Who is it for?

This level of sedation is best for patients with mild to moderate anxiety. Patients with severe anxiety who wish to be fully unconscious (aka General Anesthesia) for the procedure are NOT candidates for this level of sedation.

Patients who are medically compromised may also not be good candidates for outpatient sedation. Discretion will be made upon consultation with our doctors, and possible consultation with your primary care physician.

What dental procedure can I receive conscious sedation for?

You can receive sedation for ANY dental procedure for which you feel you may need sedation for.

How are drugs administered?

An IV (intravenous line) will be placed by the anesthesia provider, through which medications will be administered.

Is it safe?

Conscious/moderate sedation is a very safe procedure that is performed by a highly trained anesthesia provider. To ensure maximal safety, we bring in a separate doctor to perform the anesthesia while the dentist completes your dental procedure.

Conscious sedation carries a much lower risk than receiving Deep sedation/General Anesthesia where you are completely unconscious. With that being said, there are rare risks that will be discussed with you beforehand. The doctor will review your medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate for conscious sedation. Anything else I

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